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November 2013 : Newsletters~Canadian



Oh...the price of peace!

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Wiping his eyes, Francesco, the gardener, showed us the gravestone of Private Ott (top panel) only 16 years at the time of his death. How could we not weep also?

Francesco has been lovingly  tending graves at the Moro River Canadian War Cemetery for 34 years - half his lifetime. He was born the year WW II ended, 1945. His gratitude to those who died so he could grow up in peace pours out as he greets Canadians like us.


Doug & Donna Ward celebrated a 35th anniversary in Italy, Sept. 2013, including Ortona


War ruins are still visible in Ortona.


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The Price of Peace monument, a gut wrenching memory to the soldiers who lost friends in Ortona, was presented to Ortona in 1999 by Canadians who returned for a reconciliation with the Germans they battled that cold winter of 1943.

Canadians Return to Ortona
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San Tommaso church before & after.
Left: 1943  Right: Present


Happy children walk the streets of Ortona today because of the sacrifice of those who died, and those who lived a lifetime with the memory of war. Honour a vet today!


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