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October 2009 CA : Newsletters~Canadian


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A Pioneer Thanksgiving
Join a cheerful family gathering in a pioneer home from years ago.

Lest We Forget Bundle
Get ready for Remembrance Day with this bundle of novels and non-fiction.




Donna Ward


Hello                                October, 2009

Your school year is in full swing. Do you need to keep the kids busy for a moment here and there? Try the geography questions from past quizzes on The Great Canadian Geography Challenge. We have highlighted a few lists here, but there are more on the Challenge website. Happy Geography!
Great Canadian Geography Challenge

Homeschoolers can try the challenge, just register as a group, open to Grades 4-10.

We have brought you some of the past questions to try out your knowledge. These are from the Level 1~Grades 4-6 questions.

Cities of Canada 
Facts About Canada 
More Facts About Canada 
Canadian Historical Geography #1 
Canadian Historical Geography #2 
Forts of Canada


You can also find these at www.donnaward.net> News/Reviews > Printables: Lists, Charts & Maps

Geo Challenge

After 14 successful years and over 2 million participants, the Geography Challenge continues to build interest in geography allowing students to  test their knowledge in friendly competition.

Registration is in May so there is time to practice over the year. Whether your group enters or not, practicing the geography questions will be good for all.



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