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October 2011 : Newsletters~Canadian

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READ-WATCH-LISTEN with books and a video, WWI.

WWII, Eye-Witness, Juno Beach, and one of our favourite WWII videos on the LIberation of Holland

Books are shipped next day and if ordered soon, should arrive in time for Remembrance Day by Canada Post Expedited (2-6 days depending on distance from our ON office).

Bundle of the best books to help us remember. The novels encourage young people to ask questions, which are answered in the other resources.

You are well into school now. Just to give you something new  we created a free printable to celebrate and remember our heroes, helping you plan for next month's Remembrance Day.

Discovering Heroes ~ Tommy Prince
Veteran of WWII and the Korean War, Tommy Prince is one of our celebrated heroes. This great story of courage will inspire you and your students as you prepare to remember. Do something~encourage a family that paid a price this Remembrance Day (free printable and opportunity to participate in honouring a veteran)
Tommy Prince
Tommy Prince, War Hero


Remembrance Day Video
We've linked a powerful Remembrance Day video (5 min.) suitable for most ages with time for you to preview.

See the return of a prairie animal that was almost extinct. Watch video online.Return of the Prairie Bandit
If your students are doing Geography, Province to Province, this goes with Lesson 36, page 80 Endangered Wildlife
Who is this cute little bandit?
Mystery of the Moonlight Murder
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