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October 2012 : Newsletters~Canadian


Donna Ward/Northwoods Press

Across Canada...

I have the amazing op to drive across Canada next week. 

My son is coming home! I get to drive from Vancouver to Ontario with him. Wow...unlimited time to chat and view our land along the trans-Canada.  

What should we see in your neck of the woods?

...200 years ago

Beloved Major-General Isaac Brock was killed in the defense of Queenston Heights. His contribution to the shaping of Canada is monumental.

Discover more heroes/heroines with our new digital -10 lesson- War of 1812 Unit Study (on sale until November 11)Great for a Remembrance activity! Includes reading, viewing, websites and 18 printables to make a 32 x 48 inch floor map. Reenact the battles with figurines on the map. You and your students will love the stories.  

See also our War of 1812 Bundle.

Interactive War of 1812 Timeline

Our interactive Timeline includes videos, webpages and more. 

I tested online Timelines and this tool is the best! Students using Canada in the 20th Century for high school receive a student code for creating timelines.

Like us on Facebook for your offer of a student code for 5 timelines, no adds, perpetual edits.

Human Footprint 

How many hens are needed for eggs for my lifetime?

What takes 4.5 trees, 325 kg of plastic, 898 litres of oil? 
The average number of diapers a baby will use in a lifetime!

Your kids will love inserting different numbers to see their human footprint over a lifetime.


War of 1812 Bundle

Save when you purchase this 1812 Bundle, with extra savings until Nov. 11th. 

The wonderful novel, A River Apart, is out of stock at the publisher's but we have some copies on our shelf. Get the bundle before we run out. 

Geography Bundle

Atlas almost gone
Only four copies left of this this great out-of-print atlas that I purchased in bulk when I heard they weren't reprinting. When they are gone we will switch up the bundle.

Hockey: A People's History

A great Christmas gift for hockey enthusiasts!

Stunning re-enactments, & rarely-seen footage! A tale of hockey’s inventors, innovators and empire builders. It is a unique lens to view Canada’s social history.
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