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October 2015 : Newsletters~Canadian



You are half-way through fall. If you are still struggling to get your year organized, keep at it....kids are resilient and learning about life happens as you go along. Keep working at a consistent schedule so everyone knows what to expect. If you are a veteran, help out some newbies via online chats, visits, homeschool co-ops. There are many many newcomers to the homeschool community.

Think ahead so you are ready for Remembrance Day with our short unit. You just have time to order. See below.
The Guide to Canadian Government Learning Modules were hugely popular.Series 2 is finished and available for those who started with Series 1.

From Lisa: My boys (10 & 12) are really enjoying the lessons so far, as am I.  You make it possible for me to guide them through the election. Great job! 
From Sara: I'm browsing through the first module now - looks great! 

We'd love to hear your feedback.

In wake of Tory loss, questions remain about
Harper's legacy

Here is link to the popular post by John Ibbitson, author of the biography, Stephen Harper.
"Canada is a blessed nation....Stephen Harper guided Canada through a dangerous recession and made us a more Pacific nation, through increased immigration, trade deals and by involving the West in the life of the general government. Few countries can claim such a record. And like it or not, a third of that record belongs to Stephen Harper.Read more....
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