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ON ~ Buxton National Historic Site : Historic Sites to Visit


Elijah of Buxton Elijah is the first freeborn child in the settlement of Buxton, near Chatham, ON. His adventure takes him over the border where he sees first-hand what his parents have fled. This is an exciting fiction your kids won't put down.

Freedom's Land DVD

 With interest piqued about the Underground Railroad, learn the true Canadian story with the video by the creators of Canada, A People's History. Limited copies still available.


The Buxton National Historic Site & Museum, on the original site of the Elgin Settlement, was a terminus on the Underground Railroad for fugitive slaves, and free blacks fleeing the oppression of slavery in the U.S.

Trip Adviser Reviews - Buxton

People seem to love the Buxton Museum on Trip Advisor. Check it out for yourself.


Shannon Prince, storyteller and Curator of the museum, is a direct descendent of early fugitive families.


Spencer AlexanderSpencer Alexander, the Assistant Curator, does dramatic historical portrayals and is a 6th generation descendant of slaves who fled through the Underground Railroad.





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