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Fort MaldenFort Malden

Fort Amherstburg, built before the War of 1812, included the King's Navy Yard, which built British ships for the upper Great Lakes (Erie, Huron, Ontario).

In July, 1812, U.S. General Hull invaded Canada but was repelled at River Canard. The great Shawnee Chief Tecumseh, first met British General Isaac Brock at Fort Amherstburg where they planned the attack of Fort Detroit.

When they lost the Battle of Lake Erie, Sept. 1813, the British destroyed the fort as they retreated. The Americans replaced it with Fort Malden, which was reclaimed by the British after the war.

Under a Shooting Star

Before you go, read the living book Under a Shooting Star, which tells the story of the Edward, Kate & Anne, who are caught up in the Battle of Lake Erie.

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