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Pioneer Crafts : Student - For Fun

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Covwered Wagon

Loyalists who came by land to Quebec and Ontario brought their belongings in covered wagons. Printable craft instructions for Covered Wagon Craft made with craft supplies around the house.  (Ideas from the Crafty Classroom)

Corn Husk Doll

 Corn Husk DollsCanadian children made many of these dolls since corn husks were plentiful. Click Here for printable instructions for making dolls with just 10 -15 corn husks and scissors. (Picture source:Library and Archives Canada nlc-9363)

ruffle cap

Ruffle CapsIn New France, women and girls wore coifs or caps all the time. Different caps were worn depending on a girl's age. Printable Instructions (Picture source:Library and Archives Canada nlc-9396)

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