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Pioneer Sampler

Pioneer Sampler

This living book will effectively engage children as they become fascinated with the life of the pioneering Robertson family.

The Robertson family, pioneers living on a backwoods farm, begin to celebrate the coming of spring and begin the new chores when the hardships of winter are over. Meet Sarah and Willy as they make maple syrup, delight in the box of baby farm animals brought from the market, find honey, milk cows, shear sheep and so much more as they learn the many tasks for living off the land in the backwoods. Follow the Robertson family through the year, until winter closes around them once again.

Factual information and highly detailed drawings of daily life accompany each story and expand on what children have just read. Your children will learn to spin wool, make butter, create a sand clock, make a punched-tin picture, a homemade fiddle and a shadow puppet. This book is packed with stories, activities and factual information. 

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Fact and fiction in a nice mix through the daily life in the year of a pioneer family. Beautifully done.
Sue T.
Kids loved the story and all the activities. We'll have to go through it again for fun. Four stars because of a little whining & sibling rivalry but I guess it's true to life.