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Prince Edward Island ~ Garden of the Atlantic : Student - Province Highlights

Prince Edward Island is a province and one of the three Maritime Provinces.  It is the smallest province of Canada in both land area and population, but it is the most densely populated. Its capital is Charlottetown.

The backbone of the island economy is farming and it produces 25% of Canada's potatoes.  Other important industries include the fisheries, tourism, aerospace, bio-science, IT, and renewable energy.

PEI has a land area of 5,686.03 km2. It is Canada’s 23rd largest island.

Facts and Printables - Prince Edward Island

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Rick in PEI Potatoes

Rick in PEI Potatoes


 Our Story, Our Island, Our Fishery

PEI Fishermen's Association - Our Story, Our Island, Our Fishery


Our favourite redhead - Anne of Green Gables

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