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Puffin    Puffin Colouring Pages   Geography, Province to Province  Puffins are one of our favourites - a most amazing seabird. The Atlantic Puffin, known in Canada as Newfoundland and Labrador's provincial bird, is the smallest of the four speciies of puffins.? Their parrot-like beak changes colour in the year, from dull grey in winter to bright stunning orange in spring.

They range in the North Atlantic Ocean, nesting in North America, Iceland, and the cliffs of coastal Europe.

Young puffins ride the waves in the open ocean for up to two years before coming back to start their own families, in the same place they were hatched. When nesting season is done, puffins migrate, spending up to 8 months floating and fishing on the open sea. Puffins can actually drink seawater, and get rid of the extra salt out special glands in their nostrils! How cool is that?!

Canadian Geographic

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Puffin ( youth 30 secs)

Puffin (3.27 min)