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QC ~ Citadel and Museum : Historic Sites to Visit

Nicknamed the "Gibraltar of America", the citadel was built between 1820 and 1850 and is the largest British fortress built in North America.

It is located atop Cape Diamond (Cap Diamant), the highest natural point in the area. Find out about its critical role in the city's defence system. Your guide will take you back to the French Regime and return to the present day with stops at historic structures like the Cap Diamant Redoubt (1693), the East Casemate (1831), and the military prison (1842).

Why did Québec City have to have a fortress? What explains its shape, like a star when seen from above? What goes on within its walls today? These and other questions will be answered along the way.

Travel Tips: 
Changing of the guard ceremony is at 10 daily - get their early. The ceremony last 35 minutes. Since it is a military building, visitors may not wander freely. Best to do a washroom break before the event.

The tour is interesting. Beat the crowds by doing the 9 am tour instead of after the changing of the guard. 

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