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1000 Verbs to Write By
This handy list comes from a real writer's toolbox.
Canadian Autonomy Class Lecture
Citation Builder
Use these handy citation builder tools for your essays...
Geography Links
Donna Ward/Northwoods Press brings you tried and tested exciting geography links for games, quizzes, and great information. This will enhance every geography study including Canadian History and Geography.
Help with Essay Writing
Websites and an Essay Outline Chart to help you get started with good essay writing.
Historical Inquiry Skills - Historical Significance
Mature students need more than content, they need to develop good historical inquiry skills. This series will provide guidelines.
How to Write a Good Essay or Research Paper
One of the student's most important skills, this article will help with the details of writing a research paper.
Tiki-Toki Timelines
How to create a Tiki-Toki Timeline