Resources : Student - Printables

1940-45~The Intrepid Tommy Prince, VC
An exciting story about one of Canada's most celebrated war heroes, with a free printable to make Remembrance Day meaningful.
1944~The Heroics of Smokey Smith,VC
Read of the bravery of a Canadian hero and enjoy a Remembrance Day workpage
Be a Detective - Animal Tracks
Animal Tracks in the snow give an opportunity for speculation and discovery
Canadian Heroes of Yore and Lore Worksheet
Kids will stretch their minds with this 'clue' based worksheet which helps them discover Heroes of Yore and Lore.
Historical Significance of the Railway in Western Canada
Practice one of the six historical thinking skills with tis free lesson about the railway
Olympics Printable - Winter
Need a printable to keep track of all the sports, athletes and medals?
Our Country, Our Parliament
Resource and lesson plans for Grades 5-8 to introduce Canada's parliamentary system.
Provincial Birds Quizzes
Test your knowledge of Canada's Provincial Birds with beginner and advanced quizzes.
Provincial Capitals Crossword
Check your knowledge with the crossword quiz
Remembrance Day Resources
Veteran's Affairs free resources for Remembrance Day
Water Bodies Cootie Catcher
Have fun with an old-fashioned paper game and review Canadian bodies of water.