Resources : Student - Biographies

1915~The Gallantry of Fred Fisher, VC
Fred Fisher showed great bravery and gallantry when he defended Canadian troops attempting to move heavy guns from a dangerous position in the 2nd Battle of Ypres.
1917~The Incredible Audacity of Tommy Holmes, VC
First hand stories on this CBC radio broadcast on the 50th anniversary of Passchendaele. Hear of the outrageous courage of Tommy Holmes, youngest Victoria Cross recipient.
1940-45~The Intrepid Tommy Prince, VC
An exciting story about one of Canada's most celebrated war heroes, with a free printable to make Remembrance Day meaningful.
1944~The Heroics of Smokey Smith,VC
Read of the bravery of a Canadian hero and enjoy a Remembrance Day workpage
1959~Bombardier and his Ski-Doo
Real footage of Inventor Bombardier and his test Ski-Doo