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1914-18 ~ Last Battle of Werner Voss
Sample of online pages for Canada, in the Twenthieth Century
A Brief Tour Through Brittany, France
See a brief tour through the Brittany region of France starting with Rennes.
Artists of Canada's History
Examine the early Canadian history art of four painters whose work inspired adults and school children in the early part of the 20th century.
Bay of Fundy Tides
Why is the Bay of Fundy tide the highest in the world?
Bear Catching Salmon - Amazing CA Wildlife
See amazing footage of a grizzly bear using fancy footwork to get a dead salmon from a stream without getting it's ears wet.
Bears in Banff National Park, Alberta
Travel Alberta gives us a 2 minutes glimpse of the magnificent bears of Banff National Park.
Beaver - Amazing CA Wildlife
The Beaver - Canada's most iconic animal
Beaver - Busy as a Beaver
A most amazing beaver experience on video
Becoming a Mountie in Saskatchewan
Visitors get to see what it's like to be a Mountie for a day.
Black History Month
Here's a collection of our favourite videos & titles about Black Canadian History
Black Rod Has the Door Slammed in His Face
Parliament in the U.K. opens with the ceremonial Black Rod. Canadian parliamentary traditions are based on the U.K. traditions.
Black Rod has the door slammed in his face, 2009
Canada's parliamentary system is modelled in history after the British system. See the ceremony of the Black Rod in this video of UK state opening, 2009.
BNA Act - Words That Shaped Canada
Boy Among Polar Bears
A young Inuit boy follow his father's footsteps in learning traditional ways of life. Amazing video in 1-3 minute segments
British Home Children in Canada
A video to give an idea of how the British Child Migrant Scheme started and the hurdles faced by the over 100,000 British Home Children once they were sent Canada to work as indentured farm workers and domestics.
Bush Pilot - Into the Wild Blue Yonder
Bush pilots of northern Quebec, last of a dying breed.
Canada & the War of 1812~Timeline & More
Timeline stocked full of resources including many videos, both humorous and educational.
Canada in the Twentieth Century Compatibility with Provincial Standards
How does Canada in the Twentieth Century match your province's requirements for a high school course?
Canada Vignettes: Flin Flon
This short documentary vignette reveals the curious origin of the name of Flin Flon, Manitoba.
Canada Vignettes: Men of the Deeps, Cape Breton
A series of vignettes featuring coal mines in New Waterford and Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, with traditional Cape Breton folk songs sung by Men of the Deeps, a miners' choral group.
Canada Vignettes: The Move - Saskatchewan Grain Elevator
A Saskatchewan grain elevator is moved across the snow-covered prairie to a new home after nearly a half-century of use
Canada's Democracy and the Constitution
Video telling the basics of Canada's government and the constitution.
Canadian Submarines~intriguing videos and information
100 Years Beneath the Sea - 1914-2014 - Canada's Submarines
Cape Breton Island
Experience the beauty of Cape Breton Island
Caribou - Amazing CA Wildlife
North American Caribou search for food on their winter migration to the open tundra.
Celebrations ~ St. Patrick's Day
St. Patrick's Day, the holiday commemorating Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland, has long been a part of Canadian history.
City of Gold
In a 1957 classic short film by the National Film Board, Pierre Berton describes the Klondike gold rush at its peak.
Cod Fisheries
Discover the historic & current cod fishery of Newfoundland and Labrador.
Corrie Ten Boom Interview 1974
Corrie Ten Boom's interview intermixed with scenes from The Hiding Place video brings her faith to life.
Cree Hunters of Mistassini
National Film Board photographers record the life of 3 Cree families who go to the bush to hunt.
CreeFoodTV: Pemmican
A Cree elder shows how to make pemmican.
David Thompson: Vol I ~ Meet the Man
I can hear his laugh, imagine the twinkle in his eye, see him urge his companions to exhuastion, and glimpse his star-gazing calculations on a frosty night. David Thompson, one of Donna's favourite Canadian historical heros.
David Thompson: Vol II ~ What to do with a Crazy Horse
“No, Mister Thompson! Not that crazy one!” the voyageur cried, as he eyed the fidgety and untamed horse. I gazed up at the shining mountains before us, their snow-capped peaks a fortress, formidable but familiar. A Canadian History adventure.
David Thompson: Vol III ~ Kootenay House, 1807
The grizzled, scruffy fur trader stood at the door of the fort in the mountains. Short and stocky, he did not look imposing until his powerful voice carried a shout to the Piegans just beyond his gates, “I know you are come as spies!
David Thompson: Vol IV ~ Treacherous Crossing, 1808
Men had died at this very spot, being dashed to pieces when their canoe went into the whirlpool. The spring warmth made the rivers more swollen each day, as they boiled and churned their way through the canyon.
David Thompson: Vol V ~ Sukamappee's Story, 1730
A fascinating account recorded in Thompson�s journal of the final great Snake-Blackfoot war on the plains, the introduction of fire-arms, and the first sighting of a horse by the Blackfoot. Rare, first-hand account.
Dawson City Sourdough
This traditional miner's recipe has been tried and tested and is easy for you.
Dog Sledding in Inuvik NWT
Enjoy dog sledding in Inuvik, NWT
Don't Call Me Eskimo
CBC News article about youth in Nunavut creatng videos to describe their life in the north.
Evacuation of Dunkirk
Sample of online pages for Canada, in the Twenthieth Century
Evangeline: A Story of Acadie
Introduction to the history of Evangeline, heroine of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's epic poem.
Faces of Newfoundland Videos 1 & 2
From St. John's to Nain, Port Aux Basques to Trepassey, Faces of Newfoundland proudly presents a collaborative video and photo blog of the people and places of this wonderful island.
Ferryland and the Colony of Avalon
Virtual Tour to discover the historic Colony of Avalon in Ferryland, NL
Finding the Franklin Ships
Finding the ships..the search for the Northwest Passage was an obsession for explorers in the 19th century and may help Canada lay claim to Arctic sovereignty.
First Nations and the Battle of York in 1812
Virtual visit to Fort York to find out about the Battle of York and how it affected First Nations warriors
First World War Photograph Package
Remembrance Day Activity - Photographs of Life in the Trenches
Flag of Canada - The Real Story
The real story behind the Canadian Flag by The National
Forestry in Canada
First hand view of logging and machinery in BC
Fun in the Yukon
Spice up your month with some ballads of Yukon
Geography Matters
Do you grumble about learning geography? See why Geography Matters!!!
God Bless Saskatchewan
Photos and music highlight the beauty of Saskatchewan
Going Global - Forms & Systems of Government
Learn about unitary, confederal, federal, and parliamentary governmental systems.
Government ~ Canada's Parliament Buildings - The House of Commons
Visit Ottawa's parliament buildings in virtual tours.
Government ~ Canada's Parliament Buildings - The Library
Get to know Canada's parliament buildings through a virtual tour of the library.
Government ~ Canada's Parliament Buildings - The Senate
Take a virtual tour through the Senate Foyer and Chambers
Governor General's Caring Canadian Award
Hear the stories of four recipients of the Governor General's Caring Canadian Award.
Great Sandhills and Historic Cypress Hills
Saskatchewan's Southwest with the Great Sandhills and historic Cypress Hills
Historical Thinking Skills by Grade
Easy to use chart of the Historical Thinking Skills by Grade
History of Slavery in America
HMCS Haida and the Sinking of the Athabascan
Hear the story from Able Seaman Jack Hannam who served on the HMCS Haida and helped pick up survivors of The Athabascan, which was sunk in April, 1944.
House of Commons sampling - Cabinet Minister on new legislation
The Minister of Justice, Hon. Peter MacKay speaks to the House of Commons about new legislation.
House of Commons sampling - Passing of a bill
A bill is passed in the House of Commons after a third reading.
House of Commons sampling - Speaker of the House
The Speaker of the House handles a request for an Emergency Debate
House of Commons Speaker's Parade
Parliamentary Guide, Imaan, from Ottawa, Ontario tells us about the House of Commons Speaker's parade.
How Canada Became a Democracy
Two simple 3 minute videos help students (and adults) understand a little more about responsibile government and democracy.
How Do Political Parties Work
SpringtideCo explains political parties
How to make a totem pole craft for elementary students.
Online video instructions from a Grade 5 teacher.
How to Win an Election in Canada
If you are eligible to vote in a Canadian election, it's also your democratic right to be on the ballot as a candidate. Here's how candidates win.
Hudson's Bay Company History
From it's beginnings as the largest land owner in North America, to it's role in the French and Indian War, this is a brief history of the Hudson's Bay Company.
I Am Anishinaabe
I am Anishinaabe is a video short about a young girl's pride for her Anishinaabe heritage.
Ice Worms ~ Tall tale or real?
Robert Service mentions ice worms in several of his ballads about the Yukon. Are they a tall tale, or are they real? Let's find out!
Igloos - Are they warm?
How does an igloo keep someone warm when it is a house made of snow?
Instructions for Crafting Beaded Indian Jewelry : Kids' Crafts & More
Instruction videos for beading crafts
Jamie Soles ~ The Fur Trade Wars
Jamie Soles simple song about the fur trade wars will help students remember the event.
Jen Pilon Talks Diamonds
Canada's first female diamond polisher explains her trade in Yellowknife.
Kamik - The Making of Sealskin Boots
This short documentary is a portrait of Ulayok Kaviok, one of the last of a generation of Inuit, born and bred on the land. We see her skills in making the sealskin boots.
Le Prix du Gouverneur général pour l'entraide
Récompensez la générosité des gens de votre communauté avec le Prix du Gouverneur général pour l’entraide.
Life in Iqaluit Nunavut
Two Canadian friends visit Iqaluit and give us their impressions.
Lobster - Amazing CA Wildlife
The North American Lobster may be an item on a fancy menu, it is, first and foremost, an important wildlife species to our Atlantic coast’s ecology. Dive in, and discover this fascinating animal!
Lobster Fishing, A Way of Life
Discover lobsters and a way of life for east coast lobster fishers on this and other linked pages.
The Fortress of Louisbourg on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia
Lynx - Amazing CA Wildlife
The amazing Canada Lynx
Map Projection
How do people make maps when the earth is round?
Migration of the Salmon
Follow the path of the amazing migration of both east and west coast salmon.
Mistahimaskwa (Big Bear)
Who was Mistahimaskwa, Big Bear? He was the last Chief to reluctantly sign the infamous numbered treaties that confined aboriginals to reservations. Big Bear held out because he accurately foresaw the consequences of that policy.
Moving Art ~ Gratitude
Be inspired! Make your life a blessing to others moment by moment. Live in gratitude for the world around this.
Murdock Mysteries: Discovering Ontario
Discover great Ontario history through the filming of Murdoch Mysteries.
My first igloo - A Boy Among Polar Bears
A young Inuit boy learns to make his first igloo.
Navy of Canada (RCN)
Discover more about the RCN with hands on activities, story and video
Nellie McClung wins the vote
Despite resistance from Premier R.P. Roblin, the famous suffragette fights for Manitoban women's right to vote (1916).
New Brunswick Highland Games in Frederiction with Samuel and Audrey
Audrey and I were thrilled to cover this event which celebrates Scottish and Celtic culture and heritage. There was drumming, piping, dancing, singing and athletics.
New Brunswick's Rivers, Bay of Fundy, and Acadia
Join New Brunswick Tourism on an interesting look at some of New Brunswick's most popular features.
New to Our Site
If you are new to my site, here are some quick tips to maximize your time.
Newfoundland Vikings - Living the Life
Viking life at LAnse aux Meadows, Newfoundland.
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Discover the falls in this 5 minute introduction to one of the world's amazing natural wonders.
North Atlantic Right Whale - Amazing CA Wildlife
These extremely rare whales spend the summer in Canadian waters. Once much more common, there are only about 500 of them left on Earth.
Northern Lights - Uniquely Yukon
View the northern lights in a one minute Yukon Travel video
Nova Scotia ~ Christmas Island
Christmas Island, Nova Scotia is known around the world!
NWT ~ Aurora Substorm - Real time motion
Watch the northern lights in real time.
NWT ~ Classic Canadian Bush Plane
The de Havilland Beaver is a single engine, high wing, propeller-driven aircraft -- and is widely considered one of Canada's most celebrated engineering achievements of the 20th century.
NWT ~ Cry of the Wild
Follow nature enthusiast Bill Mason as he explores the Canada's Arctic and timber wolves in the NFB documentary, Cry of the Wild.
NWT ~ The Nahanni River
NWT ~ Wood Buffalo National Park
Wood Buffalo National Park is the largest national park in Canada. Sprawling across northeastern Alberta and southern Northwest Territories, it was originally established in 1922 in an effort to protect the world's largest herd of free-roaming Wood Bison.
O Canada
Sing along O Canada
Old Town Lunenburg
Lunenburg is the best surviving example of a planned British colonial settlement in North America. Established in 1753, it was declared a UNESCO site in 1995.
Olympics Printable - Winter
Need a printable to keep track of all the sports, athletes and medals?
Opening Parliament
The Black Rod and Speech from the Throne
Oware - A Traditional African Game
You Tube video gives an explanation of how to play Oware
Paddle to the Sea
Classic tale of travels through the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean, in book and film. See the YouTube videos here.
Parliament Illustrated
An overview of how parliament works
Parliament Symbols Games for K-Gr. 3
Match symbols found a the Parliament buildings in three online matching games.
Parliament ~ Head of State, Senate, House of Commons
See a brief look at the three levels of Canadian Parliament.
Parliament, Democracy and You
How does Parliament affect you? Watch a short video from the Library of Parliament.
PEI and the world's favourite redhead - Anne of Green Gables
Everywhere in Prince Edward Island, it's hard to take a step without bumping into one of our favourite fictional characters, Anne of Green Gables.
Picture Books and Critical Thinking
An informational video which will change the way you read picture books.
Polar Bears in Stunning Beauty
View polar bears in Churchill, MB
Prince Edward Island Fishermen's Association - Our Story, Our Island, Our Fishery
Successes and challenges of the lobster fishery in PEI
Provincial Capitals Song
This is the classic Capitals Song by Stompin' Tom Conners. It is sung with children and is great to teach the provinces and capitals of Canada.
Provincial Courts in Canada
Puffin - Amazing CA Wildlife
Discover one of Canada's iconic birds, the Atlantic Puffin!
Race Against the Frozen Tide
The Inuit from Kangiqsujuaq in northern Quebec harvest food from an interesting and dangerous place.
Ray Mears' Northern Wilderness 2 - The Company that Built a Country
Ray Mears retracing the routes of the fur trade in Canada
Reading Aloud
Children's author and Professor of Literacy, Mem Fox, will inspire you with her passion for reading aloud to children.
Remembering Those Who Serve/Served at Christmas time
Christmas is a special time of year to be with family. Although we all benefit from Canada's military efforts, most of us have little understanding of war and its impact on everyday life around the world.
Remembering ~ Liberation Parade in the Netherlands
Canadian Veterans of the Liberation of the Netherlands, participate in the Liberation March Past in Wageningen. Set in the Dutch town where the 25th German Army officially surrendered, the celebratory parade marks the 70th anniversary of that event.
Remembrance - In Flanders Fields
Leonard Cohen recites the poem along with a NFB feature film about John McCrae's War
Remembrance Ceremony - Netherlands, Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery
Canadians pay their respects during a remembrance ceremony at Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery in the Netherlands. In May, 2015, a Canadian delegation of Veterans is participating in events to mark the 70th anniversary of the Liberation of the Netherlands.
Remembrance Day Plan
Here is a little help for planning your Remembrance Day Activities
Remembrance Day Video~1
Remembrance Day/Veteran's Day Video
Remembrance Day Vignettes
Remembrace Day Vignettes are a great way to open or close your Remembrance Day Lesson
Remembrance: Front Lines - The Trenches (Video)
Incredible images and memories of the trenches during the First World War.
Rick and Face-first Rappelling in New Brunswick
Rick goes to Drummond, NB to head face-first into the Grand Falls Gorge.
Rick and Fogo Island
Rick visits unique Fogo Island, NL.
Rick and Ice Pilots in NWT
Rick heads to Yellowknife, NWT to fly with the ice pilots of Buffalo Air.
Rick and RCMP Training
Rick trains to be a Mountie at the RCMP training facility in Regina.
Rick Goes Ice Canoeing - Quebec Winter Carnival
Rick pays a visit to Winter Carnival to race across the frozen St. Lawrence River and down the streets of Quebec City with the HMCS Montcalm's ice canoe team.
Rick Goes Lobster Fishing
Join Rick on Grand Manan Island for an day of lobster fishing.
Rick Goes Snorkeling with the Salmon in B.C.
Rick treks to Campbell River, BC to snorkel with the millions of spawning salmon.
Rick in Bull's Arm, NL on an Oil Rig
Check out a Newfoundland oil rig with Rick.
Rick in Gros Morne National Park
Rick travels the park to work with biologists checking the health of moose in the park.
Rick Mercer and the BC Forest Services
Rick travels to Kamloops to check out jobs of B.C. forest fire fighters.
Rick Mercer at CFB Halifax
Rick trains with a naval boarding party and the Sea King Squadron to aid in the defense of Canada east coast.
Rick Mercer at Chapman's Ice Cream in Ontario
Rick visits the Chapman's factory in Markdale, ON.
Rick Mercer at Louisbourg
Rick Mercer gives us a tour of the Fortress of Louisbourg
Rick Mercer at the GM Plant in Oshawa, Ontario
Rick builds Camaros and tests them at the Automotive Centre of Excellence in Oshawa, ON.
Rick Mercer at the Oil Sands in Alberta
Rick drives the big equipment at the oil sands.
Rick Mercer at the Sourdough Festival in the Yukon
Rick heads up to the Yukon to check out the Sourdough Festival
Rick Mercer at Whistler
Check out Whistler Ski Resort with Rick Mercer
Rick Mercer Builds Powerlines in Ontario
Rick tries to be a lineman to help build a 200-foot-tall high-voltage transmission towers in southern Ontario.
Rick Mercer Checks Out Bison in Alberta
Bison once roamed the plains and now are raised in Elk Island National Park in Alberta
Rick Mercer Checks out the Freestyle Water Ramp in Red Deer, AB
Practicing ski jumping with Central Alberta's Freestyle Ski Club in Red Deer
Rick Mercer Climbs Mt. Nimbus
Spectacular Mt. Nimbus...can Rick Mercer climb it when he's never climbed before?
Rick Mercer Drives Cattle in Alberta
Driving cattle in southern Alberta
Rick Mercer Harvest Potatoes in PEI
Rick tries his hand at harvesting potatoes
Rick Mercer Has Fun at the Edmonton Rodeo
Rick sees what its like to be at the rodeo
Rick Mercer in Iqaluit
Rick Mercer has fun meeting people in Iqaluit, Nunavut.
Rick Mercer on the Red River in Manitoba
Rick Mercer heads to Selkirk, MB where ice is broken on the Red River as a flood prevention method.
Rick Mercer Sails Ice Boats on the Bay of Quinte
Braving the frozen Bay of Quinte in Trenton, ON on an ice boat.
Rick Mercer Visits Sable Island
Rick explores the wonders of remote Sable Island
Rick Mercer Whoops It Up at the Calgary Stampede
Join Rick at the Calgary Stampede and try your hand at the rodeo!
Robert Service Collection
All our Robert Service Ballads in one place
Robert Service reads The Cremation of Sam McGee & The Shooting of Dan McGrew
Robert Service reads his own two most famous poems. Audio only.
Robert Service ~ Comfort
Robert Service has a word of encouragement for all the 'down-on-luck' miners.
Robert Service ~ Law of the Yukon
This lengthy ballad will delight and challenge your middle grade and older students
Robert Service ~ Spell of the Yukon
Listen to the Spell of the Yukon by country singer, Jim Reeves.
Robert Service ~ The Ballad of Blasphemous Bill
It's hard to keep a promise in 40 below, but the old miner figures out how to do it.
Robert Service ~ The Ballad of the Ice Worm Cocktail
The men of the Yukon play a joke on an arrogant newcomer.
Robert Service ~ The Cremation of Sam McGee
A new version of an old poem by Robert W. Service starring Hal Jeayes. Directed by Davin Jeayes
Robert Service ~ The Men That Don't Fit In
Enjoy a dramatic rendition of this Robert Service ballad.
Robert Service ~ The Shooting of Dan McGrew
Robert Service's famous ballad about miners, love, and the Yukon
Robert Service ~ The Three Voices
What is the message in Robert Service's poem?
Rosies of the North
They raised children, baked cakes..and built world-class fighter planes. Sixty years ago, thousands of women from Thunder Bay and the Prairies donned trousers, packed lunch pails and took up rivet guns to participate in the greatest industrial war effort.
Sable Island
Sable Island is a small island southeast of Nova Scotia and notable for the Sable Island Horse.
Salmon - Amazing CA Wildlife
The Pacific Salmon - amazing footage and explanation
Same Steele ~ Heritage Minutes
The legendary Mountie evicts an American gambler from the Yukon during the Klondike Gold Rush (1898).
Samuel & Audrey's Hockey Hall of Fame, Toronto, ON
Visiting the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto
Samuel & Audrey's Travel Guide to Fredericton, NB
21 things to do in Fredericton
Samuel & Audrey's Travel Guide to Montreal City
30 things to do in Montreal - Top Attractions
Samuel & Audrey's Travel Guide to Summer in Quebec City
10 Things to Do in Quebec City Travel Guide along with why Québec City is A UNESCO Heritage Site
Samuel & Audrey's Travel Guide to Winter in Quebec City
Adventure bloggers, Samuel & Audrey share their travel stories from Quebec City
Samuel & Audrey's Travel Guide to Wolfe Island, Kingston, ON
Wolfe Island Thousand Islands Travel Guide
Saskatchewan Crops: From Field to Port
Saskatchewan grains are shipped all over the world! Saskatchewan Wanderer, Caitlin Taylor explores the journey grain takes form the field to the elevator and beyond!
Saskatchewan's Link to Diamonds
Who knew Saskatoon's link to world diamonds!?
Sir Isaac Brock's Coatee : Under a New Light
The coatee of General Brock is seen under black light showing human wear.
Sir Isaac Brock: Vol I ~ A Man's Man!
Tecumseh, stated emphatically, “This is a man!” No other hero of the War of 1812 displayed as much boldness, imagination, and inspiration as Brock during the first year of the war. He was a man's man!
Sir Isaac Brock: Vol II ~ Impossible?!!!
“By the Lord Harry, sir, do not tell me it is impossible,” he bellowed at me. “Nothing should be impossible for a soldier. The word impossible should not be found in the soldier’s dictionary.”
Slithering Snakes in Manitoba
Where is the best place to find thousands of red-sided garter snakes in the whole world?
Snowkiting on the Prairies
How do you ski in flat Saskatchewan? Catch the wind in a kite for snowkiting!
Snowmobiling on Great Slave Lake
Alex and Luke, two Canadian friends show us their snowmobile excursion on Great Slave Lake
Start Here
Are you new here? This will help you get started.
Suez Canal
Find out about the early explorers who discovered the Suez Canal, the famous shortcut that made trading so much easier.
Summit Series 1972 brings us a series of articles and videos on the Summit Series for the 40th anniversary month.
Terry Fox
A look back at some news broadcasts about Terry Fox
Th Electoral Process
This video, which focuses on how the government of Ontario is elected, illustrates the basics of government, democracy, and how the electoral system works across Canada.
Thailand Cave Rescue
Using current events to teach about our world.
The 900 Mile Ballot: How do elections work in Canada?
How do elections work in Canada? From SpringtideCo.
The Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Human rights and freedoms are essential for democracy to work. A democracy without human rights and freedoms is like a banana split without the banana, a computer without a keyboard, a bicycle without pedals, a game without rules.
The Famous Five and the Persons Case
Five outstanding women fight to be recognized as persons under the law. They change the the view of women in society, forever.
The Fur Trade in Canada
A quick animated video helps students understand the development of the fur trade in Canada
The High Price of Materialism
North America's culture of consumerism undermines our well-being. This video will encourage and support those who choose to make different decisions about lifestyle, family, and education of their children.
The Hockey Sweater
Animated narrated version of Quebec story of The Hockey Sweater
The Last Spike
In Craigellachie, British Columbia at 9:22 am on November 7, 1885, the last railway spike was hammered in, connecting Canada from coast to coast.
The Laurentians of Quebec
Explore the Appalachian Mountain region of the province of Quebec
The Levels of Government
Student Vote video about the three levels of government.
The Provinces (and Territories) of Canada in Song
Learn the provinces, territories and their capitals in song.
The Right to Vote
From Student Vote, this is a great video about the history, rights and obligations of voting.
The Selection of Ottawa as Our Capital City (ENG & FR)
Why was Ottawa selected as the capital city of Canada?
The Selkirk Settlers; Thomas Douglas, 5th Earl of Selkirk
The Rocky Mountain National Historic site was home to four forts, but very little remnants, or archival imagery, of any of the forts exist today.
Tumpline and Tobaggan
Modern day woodsman and educator shows the use of a tumpline for gathering wood.
VoD - Charlotte Gray
Trained to be an undercover courier for England, Charlotte straps on a parachute and falls from the sky into Vichy France. 14A movie about the French resistance and spies who helped them. Canadian spies were part of the British operations in France.
Voyage of the Nonsuch
Featured in the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum' s 'Contact of Cultures, 1609' exhibit, Professor Wiseman leads a lecture and wampum belt reading
Weaving Videos for Primary Grades
A popular lesson from an elementary art classroom teacher.
Whale Watching Adventure - Vancouver Island
Share the excitement as a traveller shares his home video of a whale watching tour at Vancouver Island, B.C.
Whale-Watching with Whales-n-Sails Adventure | New Brunswick
Whale watching in The Bay of Fundy aboard a wind powered yacht
What is a community?
Find our the differences between rural, urban and suburban communities.
What is the Magna Carta?
It asks why Magna Carta was originally created and what it meant to those living in the 13th century.
Wilderness and Wildlife - Uniquely Yukon
Wilderness and Wildlife - Uniquely Yukon
Wilderness Camping in Killarney Provincial Park, Ontario
The essence of wilderness camping with video from a canoe trip in Killarney Park, Ontario with Daryl Phillips
Yukon Music with Stompin' Tom Connors & Hank Karr
Yukon music