Resources : Student - Maps

Canada Map Printables
Check in with a travelling family and download printable maps of Canada
Canada Relief Map - Companion to Courage & Conquest
Looking for a map to mark explorer's routes? This printable map should work.
Cookie Dough Map Printable
Make maps from cookie dough for a fun and delicious geography activity!
Geography Links
Donna Ward/Northwoods Press brings you tried and tested exciting geography links for games, quizzes, and great information. This will enhance every geography study including Canadian History and Geography.
Google Earth
Google Earth is easy to use with these online tutorials
Historical Maps of Canada
Here is a link to the Canadian Geographic Historical Maps of Canada.
Map Lessons for Early Grades
You love these lessons for explaining maps to early grade children.
Map Projection
How do people make maps when the earth is round?
Maps from Canadian Geographic
Print your own large maps with these tiled, glue together maps from Canadian Geographic
Outline Maps of Canada and Provinces
Quick link to outline maps of Canada and the Provinces
Outline Maps of USA & States
Printable Outline Maps of the States for quick reference.