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River Apart, A

River Apart, A

This action-packed depiction of the War of 1812, includes adventure, a touch of romance and gives insight into the events of 1812.

Set along a border area near Prescott, Ontario, A River Apart follows the adventures of young Jamie Shaw, a reluctant participant in a war that pits friend against friend. Jamie's best friends, Leah and Jared, live on the American side of the river. The two young men become members of their respective nation's militias while Leah helplessly looks on.

After Jamie is captured he must use his knowledge of the terrain in order to escape before being interned in a prison camp for the remainder of the war.

Both Jamie and Jared cannot avoid direct involvement in the invasions and skirmishes. Will they be able to avoid face-to-face confrontation in circumstances completely out of their control? And how will Jamie deal with his growing feelings for Leah when they are trapped on opposite sides of the war?

Robert Sutherland has effectively portrayed the War of 1812's St. Lawrence River Campaign in this exciting novel for young adults.

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