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Ryan and Jimmy and the Well That Brought Them Together

Ryan and Jimmy and the Well That Brought Them Together

It costs a lot of money to build a well in Africa — a lot more than Ryan Hreljac had thought. Still, the six year old kept doing chores around his parents’ house, even after he learned it could take him years to earn enough money. Then a friend of the family wrote an article in the local newspaper about Ryan’s wish to build a well to supply people with safe, clean water. Before long, ripples of goodwill began spreading. People started sending money to help pay for Ryan’s well. Ryan was interviewed on television. He appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, twice. His dream of a well became an international news story. 

In Agweo, Uganda, villagers were used to walking a long way every day in search of water. What they found was often brown and smelly and made a lot of people sick. But when Ryan’s well was built, life in the village changed for the better. A young orphan named Akana Jimmy longed for a chance to thank Ryan in person for this gift of life — clean water.

When they finally meet, an unbreakable bond unites these boys from very different backgrounds, and a long and sometimes life-threatening journey begins. Ryan and Jimmy is a true story of friendship and compassion in which a simple wish to help others brings focus to the necessities that unite us all.

While all cannot see the same sequence of events fall into place as they did following Ryan’s efforts, everyone can make a difference if they do what God has given them to do. Encourage your children through this story, that everyone can make a difference. This is a good companion for Africa, A Land of Hope

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