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Saskatchewan ~ Land of Surprises : Student - Province Highlights

Facts and Printables - Saskatchewan

Tiled maps for printouts - Provinces

Geography, Province to Province Curriculum

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SK Farming

Saskatchewan Crops: from field to port!                                                 2.42 minutes

See the working and transport of grain from a Saskatchewan farm to the markets beyond.


SK Sandhills

Great Sandhills and Historic Cypress Hills                                        1.39 minutes

Check out these unique geographic features. 


SK Mountie

Becoming a Mountie in Saskatchewan                           2.15 min., 4.48 min., 4.12 min.

Join three different adventurers on their attempts to join Mountie cadets.


SK Snowkiting

Snowkiting in Saskatchewan                                                          2.35 min., 2.36 min.

Want to snowboard in Saskatchewan? Check out how to do it on the prairies!


God Bless Saskatchewan

God Bless Saskatchewan                                                                      2.53 minutes

Song to celebrate Saskatchewan.