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September 2011 : Newsletters~Canadian


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Donna Ward Northwoods Press
Read the amazing true stories of five pioneers who helped shape our country. Follow Marie-Anne Gaboury as she treks across Canada with her husband. Learn how Louis Hébert became the first habitant as he made his living as a farmer.

Factual information and highly detailed drawings of daily life accompany each story.Your children will learn to spin wool, make butter, create a sand clock, make a punched-tin picture, a homemade fiddle and a shadow puppet.


The Bains family are amazed at what they find when they take up their homestead in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba: flash fires,tensions between English settlers and their Métis neighbours that threaten to become just as violent.

They were hopelessly unprepared for life in the rough-and-tumble new colony, where it was a wrenching struggle simply to survive.
September 2011 
Dear Friend,
This is a great time of year! Your child's education is starting, the weather is cooler and your family is back into a routine. It is exciting, starting a school year, not knowing what is ahead. The pioneers understood that feeling well. This issue covers our resources and others should you wish to study these courageous people. 

Pioneer Life in Canada
Pioneer Life in Upper Canada Website: Pioneers
Here is a 30 page printable booklet about Pioneers, suitable for Grade 3-5: Pioneer Life
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