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September 2012 : Newsletters~Canadian


Northwoods Press
Donna Ward

Love the fall!

Sweaters, crunchy leaves, apples, books, bicycles, stories, cookies, pencils, earlier sunsets....all my favourite fall things about fall. What are yours?

Summit Series

40th Anniversary
The hockey series of the century: Summit on Ice
now on Netflix or order  from Northwoods Press

See our links to NHL.com articles and videos about the Summit Series over the month of September.

Printable quizzes

September is a great time to check what your students remember. We always had the children put on a blank Canada map "everything you know" and then learn 6 new locations from an atlas.

We've made some crosswords with answer keys that are easy for you to print. The kids can work at them while you finish that last minute planning.

Provincial Capitals Crosswords
Provincial Symbols Crosswords
Blank Maps of Canada

Shopping Spree Winners

Bernice Anderson
Melanie Bartel
Darlene Ingram

Congratulations and thank you to all the particpants, especially those who took time to write us notes! These comments are very much appreciated. You can read some below...
Nelson Bergsma is completely engrossed in Madeleine Takes Command!
Here is what his Mom, Zonya wrote us:
What makes the difference between a subject we love and one we hate?  I sincerely believe that the enjoyment of a subject is completely based on how it is taught.

What people are saying...

  • Jenn said "I turn to your website and products for all my homeschooling social studies needs. My younger kids love exploring Canada through your fun, creative and easy to understand workbook! Canada my Country is a favourite in our home and the kids look forward to that subject each day! The older kids love Courage and Conquest, and have learned so much about our beautiful country."
  • Lisa messaged "We loved Natives of Long Ago although I love all your products because they are Canadian with Canadian content :) Before I met you I never thought about how much my family did not know about our own country. Thank you for opening my eyes."
  • Jennifer said "We have used Canada My Country and Geography, Province to Province with 3 of our 5 children (so far!). We're looking forward to teaching the other 2 about our great country using these resources!"
  • Amy raved "We loved the book Wintering!"
  • Kim wrote "We've been using Canada My Country and just love it! It's a perfect fit for our family unit study."
  • Lisa told us "So far our favourite has been Geography, Province to Province! However,my children and I have loved everything that I have gotten through Northwoods Press!"
  • Judi wrote us "Our best is Geography, Province to Province. Will be using it for the 3rd time this fall, as well as Courage & Conquest. Thanks for the great resources!"

Prime Ministers Notebook

Work on this notebook every few weeks so your children have a full record of every Prime Minister by year's end. On sale for $3.99..Instant download!

Symbols of Canada

The is a classic! Every school room should have one. Goes well with Geography, Province to Province!

Scholastic Children's Atlas of Canada

This atlas is perfect for early grades. We have four slightly damaged copies. The first four requests byemail will get a copy at 50% off with shipping at 1/2 price ($6.00) for a total of $16.00 plus tax.