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Sinking the Dayspring: John Paton

Sinking the Dayspring: John Paton

Working at the docks is a dangerous occupation--especially for someone who doesn't know how to swim. But it's all Kevin Gilmore can do to keep himself and his ailing mother afloat. When Kevin is suddenly fired one day, their lives are dealt a terrible blow. The next thing he knows, his mother is dead, and he's on his own.

All Kevin has of value are the one hundred shares he and his mother bought from a missionary raising money to build a ship called the Dayspring. The new ship will bring supplies to missionaries living on the islands of the South Sea.

When he hears that the very same missionary, John Paton, is in Australia again and ready to launch the Dayspring, Kevin goes to him to cash in his shares, but instead ends up traveling with the missionary on the boat's first trip to the islands. Will the infamous pirate ships that trade rum for goods capture them before the Dayspring is able to reach the island people? IT'S SINK OR SWIM FOR THE BOY WHOSE FEAR IS WATER. . 

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