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SK ~ Fort Carlton : Historic Sites to Visit

Fort Carlton

Few places in Saskatchewan are as rich in history as Fort Carlton. The fur-trading post was constructed on the North Saskatchewan River in 1810, but it owes its existence to a 17th century English monarch.

In 1670, King Charles II granted the Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) an enormous swath of North America called Rupert's Land. Encompassing all the territory in the Hudson Bay drainage system, Rupert's Land stretched from present-day northern Quebec all the way to southern Alberta and part of what's now the Northwest Territories. This vast, undeveloped region was teeming with fur-bearing animals whose pelts would bring tremendous returns to the stockholders of HBC, today the oldest traded company in the English-speaking world.

Fort Carlton was a Hudson's Bay Company fur trade post from 1795 until 1885. It was rebuilt by the Saskatchewan government as a provincial historic park and can be visited today. It is about 65 kilometers north of Saskatoon.

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