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Storm at Batoche

Storm at Batoche

James falls out of his Scottish immigrant family's wagon during a snowstorm on the Canadian prairie and is rescued by a man who identifies himself only as Louis. Waiting out the blizzard in his small cabin, the two bake gallette, as the man calls it, or bannock, as James stubbornly insists it should be called.

Three days later when the weather has cleared, Louis drops the boy off near his town but refuses to go closer. James does he seek the identity of the mysterious man but later thinks back on the incident and concludes, "Bannock or gallette, between two friends there is no difference."

A note explains that the stranger was Louis Riel, a M‚tis, who was called upon to help his people retain their land that the Canadian government demanded in the 1880s. He was later executed for high treason. An easy recipe for the flat cake follows.

Included in the Canadian Natives Picture Book Bundle

Natives Picture Book Bundle  

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