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Storming Juno (DVD)

Storming Juno (DVD)


Just after midnight on June 6, 1944, 160,000 Allied soldiers cross the English Channel to launch the largest seaborne invasion in history. They hope to break through the coastal defences of Hitler's "Fortress Europe" and establish a western front.

If successful, Operation Overlord will change the course of World War II. At the center of the gamble is a ten-kilometre stretch of French beach code-named JUNO.

STORMING JUNO is a movie based on the remarkable and determined actions of a handful of young men on that historic day. As the day unfolds, some will defy the odds and survive to tell their stories. Others will sacrifice their lives on the sands of Juno Beach. As the fog of war lifts, our soldiers will be the first Allied troops to secure a beachhead on D-Day.

90 Minutes 


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A Beaudet
Excellent and original Nice to get Canadian perspective Interviews bring it home
Paulette Krasowski
My dad is 94 years young and landed on Juno Beach on D-Day with the North Nova Scotia Highlanders. I would love to get this DVD for him.