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Summer 2010 Newsletter : Newsletters~USA

Tuesday August 17th 2010


Here are some inspiring planning helps.
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Teacher PlanningMake a lesson plan booklet for each child to be in charge of their own lesson completion. This will save you from constantly having to manage each child and it builds self-discipline and industriousness into your child. 

See Donna Young's free student planner you can customize online. Scroll down on the webpage to fill in the fields with the child's name, grade, subjects etc. and generate a planner with all the pertinant information. Customizable planner

Other Planners:
Highland Heritage Forms          Photo by Mary Baxter. Retrieved from Flickr

Reading Lists - If I could do it over again!

We read SO many great books over the years but didn't keep a thorough title list. I definately encourage you and your kids to do this!

Remembering favourite books is like chatting with old friends; those characters we love and identify with.

I love Lisa's free printable Reading Logs. Add to each child's reading list each year. Give rewards for numbers of books read.

One creative Mom is putting together a memory box for each child as a gift when they leave home. Special books will be part of the collection. What a GREAT idea!!!!

Photo by Adwriter. Retrieved from FlickR
Highlighted Books:

African Crafts

African Crafts
Wow! We love this book!
Lots of information and photos about West Africa
along with authentic, easy crafts.
One of the best activity books we've seen.

FAcing the Lion
Facing the Lion
True story of a Maasai boy! Fascinating!!!

When Helping HurtsWhen Helping Hurts will change the way you
and your teens think about mission.