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Summit Series 1972 : Articles & Resources

Paul HendersonSeptember 28, 1972. Canada stopped! Businesses closed, school classes stopped teaching. Canada and Russia were playing the last hockey game of an eight game series....the greatest hockey series ever staged.

Was it just sport? NO! It was the Cold War on ice. This was one of the decades' most memorable events.

As Foster Hewitt's ghostly words described "the goal heard around the world" millions of Canadians danced and hugged in a scene that was reminiscent of the celebrations at the end of World War II. Never has a single sporting moment meant so much to so many Canadians in a sense of unparalleled nationalism.1

Soviets shock Canada in Game 1 of Summit Series

Gm. 2 victory in Summit Series redemption for Canada   

Game 3 tie in Summit Series left Canada disappointed   

Canada booed off ice after Game 4 Series loss


More stories to come during September 2012.


See: Summit on Ice (documentary DVD)

Canada Russia 72 (dramtical DVD)


My son had the amazing priviledge of being coached by Pat Stapleton (Whitey) who played defence in the 1972 Canada/Russia Summit Series. Pat didn't just teach hockey, he taught  championship thinking in life skills. My son learned so much from him!

About the Summit Series we asked "Was it really war, like the documentaries and dramas make it out to be?"

"Absolutely!" Pat told us. "When we were in Russia we didn't go out alone. It really was the Cold War on ice, their politics against ours."

This dynamic piece of Canada history is well worth remembering by a new generation of Canadians.


Donna Ward