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Enjoying Your Curriculum So Much
This is our first year of using your curriculum and I am so thankful I found it! My 8th grader just finished Courage and Conquest and now he’s moving on to Geography Province to Province because he does not feel confident in Canadian Geography. With Courage and Conquest we used the Canada, a People’s history and we chose literature books that sounded interesting to him. I really appreciated the resources researched already and the confidence I had in knowing it was age appropriate and nothing to fear with content. My 2nd grader is currently working through Canada, My Country and we will move onto Natives Long Ago when we are finished. We are using the Canada Up Close books and the Canada Biographies as well. My 2nd grader would moan when he saw Social Studies in the schedule but now he looks forward to it with your courses! What I really appreciate with your courses is your ease of use, everything is researched out for me and we can pick and choose what we want to go more in-depth with. I find the content is so age appropriate and the lessons are the perfect amount of content that keeps my kids engaged without boring them! I’m learning so much with them!! I also appreciate your scope and sequence of your courses so I don’t have to hunt around trying to figure out what I’m going to do next. I just move onto your next course knowing we are covering our Canadian Social Studies at the pace that works with our homeschool schedule! Thank you for all your time and dedication putting these courses together!! Denise
   - Denise

Amazing materials and customer service!
I have been using Donna Ward's books for years now and have never been disappointed. This term I began to use the Africa: A land of hope and have been once again blown away. Donna has laid everything out so beautifully, making my job so much easier. Her extra book suggestions are a highlight and always have my kids gripped. I would have never been exposed to these books otherwise. Thank you, Donna. I have also misplaced files in the past (Government curriculum), and Donna resent it to me with no questions asked - even though it was clearly my error. Again, thank you!
   - Carla

Timely Receipt of Material
For anyone tempted to order in America, it's been three weeks and I still haven't received my book. Make sure to allow ample time. And shipping was $10.50 for one book.
   - Dossie Briggs

Next generation
Thank you so much! We thoroughly enjoy your work. My mom used your My Canada books when she was home schooling me and now that I'm home schooling my own children, it has been neat to see how far social studies and history curricula has come.
   - Katie

Great Customer Service
I want to thank you again for the replacement DVD, you don’t see very much good customer service these days and it is refreshing when you do get great service. It’s always easy to complain but very hard to compliment, which is why I always take the time to write back and compliment someone on their great service or work.
   - Nelson

Love your materials
Thank you so much for your help! We have really enjoyed your materials over the last 10 years of home schooling! Awesome, easy to follow lessons! We greatly appreciate the time and research you have placed into putting together your packages for us as parents and teachers.
   - Shawna

French resources
Our CA History All Inclusive Bundle arrived and the materials are wonderful! So happy we chose your resources and lesson plan for teaching Canadian history to our children. We thank you for personally looking into our package and accommodating ALL our requests. We appreciate your help on customizing our order as much as possible. Our experience was so good that now we are considering the Social Studies bundle:) Are there any French resources we could exchange?
   - Agnieszka

End the year with Canada!
During my first years of homeschooling my great plans of working through a unit study a couple times per week always seem to fall short. Many years ago, I decided instead to use the month of May for a more concentrated study using a unit from Donna Ward. We drop some "little subjects" such as spelling or grammar. We continue with math and perhaps some letter writing, and throw ourselves into a daily study with multiple ages! This teacher mom and students have ALL enjoyed this approach and feel somewhat refreshed at a time of the year when it is otherwise hard to get to finish line! I just began the "Natives of Long Ago" with my gr.7, gr.3 and 5 year old. My sons have picked out a nice folder to display their maps, etc. and we've been to the library taking out each book and video that is applicable. It's a wonderful way to end off our school year complete with a planned trip to a local longhouse. Thanks for producing this wonderful versatile material for multiple ages! - Homeschooler mom for 15+ years, seven children ages 5-19
   - Christine Valk

Canada in the 20th Century
As a homeschooled high-schooler, I can say from firsthand experience that Donna Ward's Canada in the 20th Century has greatly deepened my interest in and understanding of the people and events that have shaped our country into what it is today. The interactive online material, DVDs, and other "living resources" have been excellent supplements to this outstanding curriculum! Never has Canadian history seemed so intriguing and RELEVANT! Thank you, Donna Ward!
   - Natalie

Joy of learning
Thank you Donna! We received the books today. Tyler is all set to have a wonderful journey through history this year. It is fun to watch your children become so engaged in the joy of learning.
   - Angela

Please keep producing so we can keep learning
Thanks so much Donna! I have used your curriculum for 4 children, one now a teacher and one in nursing, my third is in grade 11 this year-hoping to be a phycologist, and my fourth wants to be a pharmacist...in grade 8. We love your "stuff", and will continue to use it! Please keep producing so we can keep learning!
   - Charlene

I appreciate the time you put in
I appreciate the time have put into this and for getting back to me so quickly. My boys and I have been using your stuff for a few years now and really enjoy it. Blessings to you.
   - Amanda

Guide to Canadian Government Learning Modules
My children (13, 12 and 9) have enjoyed the modules. We have almost completed Series 2. The Guide to Canadian Government kept our family engaged through the election process. We had the pleasure of having Tony Clement stop by our house and my kids were able to have informed and intelligent conversation with him. He encouraged them to pursue politics.
   - Bernice

Guide to Canadian Government Learning Modules
My boys (10 & 12) are really enjoying the lessons so far, as am I. You make it possible for me to guide them through the election. I really appreciate your time! Great job!
   - Lisa

Thank You!
THANK YOU for creating a very beautiful course of study! There is such a limited amount of homeschool curriculum that is strictly CANADIAN and I appreciate you doing that! Now, if only we could get wonderful curriculum written for Canadians in all other subjects.
   - Grace

Guide to Canadian Government Series One
I'm browsing through the first module now - looks great!
   - Sara

My kids truly enjoy all the videos you link with your monthly newsletter. They are always learning something new!
   - Sara

Resource pages
My husband and I are leaving on an RV road trip across the U.S. To my surprise, my daughter, Katie, has been excited about the idea of learning as much as she can about the states and cities we're will be visiting. Our requirement is she only uses kid friendly web pages. She found your resource page - Geography Links. You have great resources and information that really taught her a lot about the 50 states. Thankyou!
   - Morgan

I was at the KWCHEA conference and bought "Geography: Province to Province". Once again I am struck by all the effort you must have put into your products and how wonderful they are. In case you ever have moments, as you put together your curricula..or slog away setting up for conferences...or work at all the other tasks that go along with your business...that you wonder if it is worth it, I want to say THANK YOU on behalf of myself and my kids. I'm grateful to have Canadian materials, and to know that their author is Christian.
   - Sandra

Love your resources and website.
   - Christina

Children have grown up (so we no longer need the enews) but thank you for the wonderful resources you have provided over the years. God bless.
   - Charlene

Perfect timing for Robert Service ballads
What perfect timing (for your newsletter)! I just passed my 12 yr son his new novel study – Call of the Wild! These Robert Service ballads will be a perfect supplement for him this month as he reads about the Yukon! Thank you so much!
   - Larissa

Appreciate the educational Canadian video clips
Hi Donna, I just wanted to say that we really appreciate the educational Canadian video clips you send our way! The geographical clips are great and I really appreciate your investment in our children's education. Please keep them coming!
   - Tamara

Courage & Conquest; Geography, Province to Province
These books are wonderful resources. We are really pleased!
   - Hilary

Remembrance Day ideas
Just wanted to say thank you for this email (enewsletter)...preparing something for my kids for remembrance day was uppermost on my to-do list for today and you've just totally met that need. So thank you!!
   - Ruth

Remembrance Day ideas
Just wanted to say thank you for this email (enewsletter)...preparing something for my kids for remembrance day was uppermost on my to-do list for today and you've just totally met that need. So thank you!!
   - Ruth

So encouraged!
You were such an encouragement to me and were such a great speaker at the convention! You really sparked my enthusiasm.
   - Dawn

We love the newsletter!
I just wanted to say how much I enjoy getting your newsletter. We are loving the provincial highlights each month! I get a lot of newsletters, but I am always excited to see yours in my inbox. Thanks so much.
   - Anne

Africa, A Land of Hope
I just had to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciated your Africa. a Land of Hope curriculum! I went to Uganda and Kenya last January, so I was reminded of so many things as I watched the DVD...the slums, the courageous people, the impact of one, the responsibility we have towards our brothers and sisters.... I sit here with tears in my eyes
   - Sue

Loving Courage & Conquest!
We are loving Courage & Conquest! Thanks so much for putting together such great resources! I recommend you all the time!!
   - Shelley

High Quality Books
I just want to congratulate you on your high quality books for home study. I bought Geography, Province to Province and Canada my Country with the help of Heritage Resources. I am Canadian home schooling in South Africa! Thank you again and God bless your work
   - Cornelia

Really appreciate your material! Thanks so much. I thought you might enjoy hearing this little story. We were reading M is for Maple and my son (7 years) took a real interest in the K is for Klondike page. He told me he plans to go and do some gold mining some day. Just a few days later a friend of ours came back from the Yukon with gold she found there while mining up there during the summer. He was so fascinated. The timing was lots of fun! He learned that a little bottle of small pieces of gold is worth about $1800 so his excitement grew even more!
   - Penny

I could have just clicked "unsubscribe" but I wanted to let you know how much I treasure the works that you have created over the years and how much we appreciated your CANADIAN! items! We are now finished our 19 years of homeschooling and I still enjoy seeing what you've got now "HIGH SCHOOL HISTORY!" but obviously we don't need curriculum anymore... So thank you for your hard work and keep it up! We still talk about "Canada My Country" which we used for all three kids!
   - Dawn

Africa, A Land of Hope
My son Arno just finished working through your book 'Africa - a Land of Hope'. I want to congratulate you on a great curriculum, especially how you gave attention to the social plight of the African peoples.
   - Debbie

Canada is for Kids DVDs

   - Tania

Thanks for enews
I no longer need to receive these emails as my last child is almost done home schooling. Thanks you for years of good service and to offer such good Canadian history and geography materials. My family is "richer" today because of you!
   - Solange

Thanks for the resources
Finished homeschooling now and don't really have anyone around that I would even pass the info onto. Great website with great resources! I used lots of them over the years and have recommended your stuff to a lot of other homeschoolers. Thanks!
   - Marla

Children's Delight
As my two children work in their books~totally absorbed~I must take this moment to thank your for your outstanding work. Both children have delighted in every page. Needless to say, their response overflows onto me and all others who are near!
   - Jennifer Semper

Africa, A Land of Hope
Africa: A Land of Hope is a unique study of Africa that can be used with all ages. To create this resource, Donna Ward and her publishing company, Northwoods Press, have teamed up with Compassion, the international organization most well known for its sponsorship program to aid poor children in developing countries. The study should take about 6-8weeks. Course components are a beautiful 60-page book printed in full-color and a companion DVD. The book has six chapters, one on the continent of Africa, then the other five on North, West, East, Central, and Southern Africa. At the end are reproducible map and activity pages (for a single class group or family). The book covers some history, geography, and culture, but it is not a comprehensive study of those topics. Instead, it is a much more personal presentation, focusing on the lives of specific people and people groups, such as the Tuareg, Pygmy, and Maasai. The author also presents problems such as lack of safe drinking water, AIDS, and poverty. The Compassion connection is evident throughout with mention of Compassion activities and concerns plus the inclusion of Compassion contact information at the end of the book. (You can even get a free copy of this curriculum by signing up as a sponsor.) The book includes lists of recommended resources for further study, including internet links to a number of interactive websites, books, African folktales, and films. The author maintains her own website (www.donnaward.net) with the best links, each identified by the page in the book to which it relates. Lessons include some activity suggestions such as map work, atlas research, discussion topics, instructions for using the activity pages at the end of the book, and an African game to play. Students should each create a notebook for their study of Africa. The DVD has 10 primary segments, each about 5 minutes in length. These focus on specialized topics such as projects to provide safe water and a Compassion project in Uganda to provide for children orphaned by AIDS. They are beautifully filmed and, even though they might have specialty themes, they really provide a realistic picture of life in Africa. The entire study is designed to both inform and “move to action.” Clearly, Compassion supports this project as a means of gathering more sponsors and contributors as well as to awake hearts and minds to the needs evidenced here. Author Donna Ward wants to challenge students (and their parents) to think critically about the situation in Africa and possible solutions. She promotes solutions for sustainable development that can be run by indigenous citizens rather than outsiders. In addition, the study is written from a Christian perspective with numerous references to Scripture and Christian teaching. It challenges us to consider the comparative wealth we enjoy, to become less driven by consumerism, and to become more involved as part of the solution. I expect that Africa: Land of Hope will work well for many homeschoolers both because it’s simple to use and it’s a short enough study to easily fit into the curriculum while leaving time for broader study of world history and cultures.
   - Cathy Duffy

We Are Making Our Culture!
When I was in about Grade 9 my social teacher gave us an assignment. We were to ceate our own country - land, oceans, ...everything...to government and culture. My friend, Charmaine teamed up with me. We discussed a lot of different cultures. I made the comment that I was a little jealous of others who had 'strong culture' - natives, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" sort of thing. Her reply made a huge impact on me. She said, a little angrily, "Ruth! We're CANADIAN! Our country is like only about 100 years old! We are making our culture!" Thank you SO much for the work you are doing! My children (ages 3, 6, 7) and I started with Canada's Native Long Ago. I loved it because of its ease of use. We started in the north with the Inuit. We used as many of your suggested resources as possible and used a Native Craft book. We 'made' a big igloo from snow (snowman sized balls) as well as a salt dough igloo. We made all sorts of crafts. Then we went to B.C. and worked our way across to the maritimes. At the end, we threw a Potlatch party and gave away our crafts. The kids and I LOVED IT! Then we began Canada, My Country. We put pictures of animals and scenery on the N~S~E~W walls and had a ball. When I felt they knew the East Atlantic and West Pacific well, I gave them the Physical Map and they coloured the oceans and waterways. Then we strated with the Maritimes; the Physical Map, cardinal directions, and then broke that area into the Political Map. They coloured the pictures from the workpages while I read from the Kids Book of Canada. We worked our way from east to west and then north to the newest territory, Nunavut. I look forward to repeating this in more detail, and reading more Dear Canada Diary books as we go along. Thanks again and God bless, Ruth, Slave Lake, AB
   - Ruth Stephenson

Northwoods Press
Northwoods Press This easy-to-use series for Canadian history and geography consists of four paperback workbooks with lessons and reproducible workpages that address different age groups as well as different topics. The books vary in format and some have more obvious Christian content than others. Canada, My Country Follow Bucky Beaver as he explores the physical regions of Canada. This 75-page, basic book covers simple map reading, Canadian symbols, the national anthem, etc., plus a simplified explanation of government, voting, and freedoms. At the end of the book are short biographies of Sir John A. Macdonald, Louis Riel, Lucy Maud Montgomery, and Terry Fox. Work pages might have a picture to color, an activity, puzzle or questions to answer. This book is best for grades 1 through 4. You will need a map of Canada and additional books with pictures of the various regions. To provide these (and more!) Northwoods Press offers a "Canadian Social Studies Package" that includes Canada, My Country; Canada by Lloyd; a Canadian map; a biography, Terry Fox: A Story of Hope; and Kids Book of Canada. Courage and Conquest, Discovering Canadian History Each of the 30 lessons in this 75-page workbook has one page with brief text, plus a work page with a picture that can be colored and three or four questions to answer. Some of the questions are just recall, but some provoke more thought. Small pictures at the back of the book can be used to make a timeline of events. Since the lessons cover history in chronological order, you can use this book in conjunction with another text. You can round this out into a comprehensive course in a few different ways. You can give substance to this course with one or more of the suggested readings from library books given at the beginning of each lesson. Most lessons have an optional "additional study" item you can use with older or more advanced students. You might supplement by using books from the list of historical fiction for various grade levels provided in the book. Or you might use the package described below. Courage and Conquest is best for grades 3 and up, but the grade level can be addressed largely through the selection of appropriate additional readings. Northwood's "Canadian History Package" includes this book plus Kids book of Canadian History and Forts of Canada. Canada's Natives Long Ago This 100-page book contains an interesting assortment of lessons, crafts, games, puzzles, and native stories that tell of life long ago in the various regions of Canada. Also included are a comparison of native religion with Christianity and a discussion of the First Nations today. Each chapter begins with a list of recommended resources you can find in the library for additional study. An answer key to the work pages is provided. This is best for grades 4-6. Northwoods "Natives Pack" includes this book plus the six book set, Native Nations of North America. Geography, Province to Province This 127-page workbook begins with a discussion of simple economics and the various regions of Canada. Then the student learns about each province (Nunavut included), its symbols, natural features, industries, and nteresting history or people. Work pages for the 58 brief lessons include symbols to color, maps to fill out, or questions to answer. An answer key is provided at the back of the book. This is best for grades 4-6. Northwood's "Canadian Geography Package" includes this book plus WOW Canada and the full-color book Symbols of Canada. (Reviewed by Valerie Thorpe and Cathy Duffy.)
   - Cathy Duffy

I Could Eat Books for Dinner
I just wanted to thank you so much for the workshop you presented at the Homeschool convention. History is so much clearer for me now! I especially wanted to thank you for your advise on "letting the kids read anything they want or read anything I want to them....even if it doesn't match our history theme at that time". This area has been one of my struggles in homeschooling, but now I feel free to do whatever and that's a great big load off! Thanks so much! I can't wait to start reading the books to my kids and look forward to buying more...
   - Sophia Reid

Tremendous Find
Donna Ward's Canada, My Country was a tremendous find. This easy to use program makes Canada accessible. This program is about real places, real people and clear geography. The resources behind the program continue to engage my children years later. Ruth, B.A. (history, B.Ed. Alberta
   - Ruth McCuaig