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Thailand Cave Rescue : Articles & Resources

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How to examine this story.

Sequencing the facts.  Write each of the facts of the story on a separate strip of paper and then order the story strips in its correct sequence. 

The five Ws. Introduce students to the 5Ws.  Examine & talk about the whowherewhenwhat, and why of this story. 

Geography. Learn about the country of Thailand and it's neighbour, Myanmar. 

Make a salt dough model of the cave from one of the news diagrams in the links below. (Lots of ideas on Pinterest)

1 cup salt
2 cups of flour
¾ -1 cup warm water

Character. This is a survival story. Talk about the character traits that would help someone survive difficult circumstances.

Resources for examining this story.

Timeline of Events. Click on the picture to find out more details of the story and a timeline of events. 

Cave Rescue

Who were the boys and their coach? Click on the picture to find out about each of the boys in the story. Answer the Five Ws. Rescuers were amazed at the well-being of the boys when rescued. Talk about character traits that might help someone stay strong in the face of difficulty.

Illustration from BBC

Note: Many readers will know that Donna is a Compassion Canada supporter. One of the trapped boys is a Compassion recipient. Read more..

Geography. Learn about Thailand and Myanmar

Cultural Traditions in Thailand    Buddhism in Thailand   Refugee's Journey from Myanmar

Myanmar. Two of the group were born in Myanmar (Burma), the country bordering Thailand and very close in location to this story. Find out more about Myanmar and why the boys would have come to Thailand from Myanmar.

Adul Sam-on, 14

Adul was born in Myanmar's self-governing Wa State and left his family behind to get a better education in Thailand, according to the AFP news agency. He speaks Thai, Burmese, Chinese and English and was the only one able to communicate with the British divers when the group was first discovered.

More about Adul Sam-on

Assistant coach Ekapol Chantawong (Nickname: Ake), 25

Ake was reportedly born in Myanmar and lost his parents at a young age. Before becoming a football coach, he spent several years as a Buddhist monk, and learnt how to conserve energy by restricting movements and meditating. According to local news reports, he taught these techniques to the boys in the cave. Source