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Winter~Snow Art : Student - For Fun

Paper Snowflake

Cut a paper snowflake correctly to be six-sided. 


Six-Sided Snowflake



A Self-sticking Snowflake


The great thing about these snowflakes is that they stick to any shiny surface like a refrigerator or glass window. Put the snowflake pattern in the plastic baggie and zip closed. On the outside of the baggie trace over the snowflake pattern with the fabric paint. Wear old clothes or a paint apron because it's easy to get some paint on your clothes. While the snowflake is still wet sprinkle glitter over the paint. Carefully shake off any excess glitter. Let dry. When completely dry peel off the baggy and put it up somewhere where every one can see it!


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See more at snowcrystals.com

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Kenneth G. Libbrecht is the Professor of Physics at Caltech (California Institute of Technology) and Chairman of the Physics Department.

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