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Wow Canada Exploring this Land from Coast to Coast

Wow Canada Exploring this Land from Coast to Coast

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    160 pages, full colour illustrations and photos
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What could be more fun than a cross-country car trip with your parents and your younger sister? Twelve-year-old Guy can think of lots of things, but even he's won over with this adventure. His family's surprise-filled travels take them from one end of Canada to the other, even up to Nunavut, the newest territory. Curious but cool, Guy is the perfect narrator on this national odyssey. Honest, and often downright hilarious, his wry backseat observations, as well as those of his younger sister, Rachel, will be a hit with young readers. Their engaging tales will make this one car trip that anyone would want to take!

This rollicking, informative and absorbing discovery of Canada's many splendours is a refreshing celebration of the country. Author Vivien Bowers has a keen sense of what appeals to young readers, and she turns up new information that captures the spirit of the many regions that make up Canada.

Guaranteed to delight and inform, Wow Canada! is filled with:

  • amazing Canadian facts
  • Canada's historical wonders
  • wacky postcards from Canada's odd corners
  • cartoon adventures of Bucko Beaver
  • photos and illustrations of Canada's most famous sights...and some hidden gems

This book ...is educational, in the nicest way possible, but it's also fun -- lots of fun.
Wow Canada! is as crammed with information as the family car must have been. The countless colour photographs, maps, drawings, sidebars, recipes, how-tos and so on further enliven an already lively text. Globe & Mail

Wow Inside

Wow Inside

The thoughtful and humorous presentation distinguishes this book from others on the subject. Quick facts about each province including size, population, cities, and industries are appended. In addition, children are sure to appreciate 'Guy's Family Car Trip Survival Tips,' which appear throughout. A lively, valuable addition. Betsy Fraser School Library Journal



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We haven’t done anything formal with it but my 9YO has read it cover-to-cover at least four times.
After each province we cut out a provincial map, and added the provincial flag and top 3 things we’d like to do in each province. At the end we glued it all together as a huge map. It was a lot of fun.