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Donna Ward's books are used widely across the country in public schools, private schools, and homeschools. Donna desires to bring you living history through exciting and authentic resources with a commitment to quality and excellence.

What People Are Saying...

  • End the year with Canada!

    During my first years of homeschooling my great plans of working through a unit study a couple times per week always seem to fall short. Many years ago, I decided instead to use the month of May for a more concentrated study using a unit from Donna Ward. We drop some "little subjects" such as spelling or grammar. We continue with math and perhaps some letter writing, and throw ourselves into a daily study with multiple ages! This teacher mom and students have ALL enjoyed this approach and feel somewhat refreshed at a time of the year when it is otherwise hard to get to finish line! I just began the "Natives of Long Ago" with my gr.7, gr.3 and 5 year old. My sons have picked out a nice folder to display their maps, etc. and we've been to the library taking out each book and video that is applicable. It's a wonderful way to end off our school year complete with a planned trip to a local longhouse. Thanks for producing this wonderful versatile material for multiple ages! - Homeschooler mom for 15+ years, seven children ages 5-19

         - Christine Valk
  • Canada in the 20th Century

    As a homeschooled high-schooler, I can say from firsthand experience that Donna Ward's Canada in the 20th Century has greatly deepened my interest in and understanding of the people and events that have shaped our country into what it is today. The interactive online material, DVDs, and other "living resources" have been excellent supplements to this outstanding curriculum! Never has Canadian history seemed so intriguing and RELEVANT! Thank you, Donna Ward!

         - Natalie
  • Joy of learning

    Thank you Donna! We received the books today. Tyler is all set to have a wonderful journey through history this year. It is fun to watch your children become so engaged in the joy of learning.

         - Angela
  • Please keep producing so we can keep learning

    Thanks so much Donna! I have used your curriculum for 4 children, one now a teacher and one in nursing, my third is in grade 11 this year-hoping to be a phycologist, and my fourth wants to be a pharmacist...in grade 8. We love your "stuff", and will continue to use it! Please keep producing so we can keep learning!

         - Charlene
  • I appreciate the time you put in

    I appreciate the time have put into this and for getting back to me so quickly. My boys and I have been using your stuff for a few years now and really enjoy it. Blessings to you.

         - Amanda

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