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Donna Ward's books are used widely across the country in public schools, private schools, and homeschools. Donna desires to bring you living history through exciting and authentic resources with a commitment to quality and excellence.

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  • Enjoying Your Curriculum So Much

    This is our first year of using your curriculum and I am so thankful I found it! My 8th grader just finished Courage and Conquest and now he’s moving on to Geography Province to Province because he does not feel confident in Canadian Geography. With Courage and Conquest we used the Canada, a People’s history and we chose literature books that sounded interesting to him. I really appreciated the resources researched already and the confidence I had in knowing it was age appropriate and nothing to fear with content. My 2nd grader is currently working through Canada, My Country and we will move onto Natives Long Ago when we are finished. We are using the Canada Up Close books and the Canada Biographies as well. My 2nd grader would moan when he saw Social Studies in the schedule but now he looks forward to it with your courses! What I really appreciate with your courses is your ease of use, everything is researched out for me and we can pick and choose what we want to go more in-depth with. I find the content is so age appropriate and the lessons are the perfect amount of content that keeps my kids engaged without boring them! I’m learning so much with them!! I also appreciate your scope and sequence of your courses so I don’t have to hunt around trying to figure out what I’m going to do next. I just move onto your next course knowing we are covering our Canadian Social Studies at the pace that works with our homeschool schedule! Thank you for all your time and dedication putting these courses together!! Denise

         - Denise
  • Amazing materials and customer service!

    I have been using Donna Ward's books for years now and have never been disappointed. This term I began to use the Africa: A land of hope and have been once again blown away. Donna has laid everything out so beautifully, making my job so much easier. Her extra book suggestions are a highlight and always have my kids gripped. I would have never been exposed to these books otherwise. Thank you, Donna. I have also misplaced files in the past (Government curriculum), and Donna resent it to me with no questions asked - even though it was clearly my error. Again, thank you!

         - Carla
  • Timely Receipt of Material

    For anyone tempted to order in America, it's been three weeks and I still haven't received my book. Make sure to allow ample time. And shipping was $10.50 for one book.

         - Dossie Briggs
  • Next generation

    Thank you so much! We thoroughly enjoy your work. My mom used your My Canada books when she was home schooling me and now that I'm home schooling my own children, it has been neat to see how far social studies and history curricula has come.

         - Katie
  • Great Customer Service

    I want to thank you again for the replacement DVD, you don’t see very much good customer service these days and it is refreshing when you do get great service. It’s always easy to complain but very hard to compliment, which is why I always take the time to write back and compliment someone on their great service or work.

         - Nelson

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